Welding & Cutting Carriges

At Gullco International, we are an industry-leading supplier of welding automation solutions. We design and manufacture equipment that helps our customers reduce defect rates, improve productivity, and decrease overall costs. One of our core product offerings is welding/cutting carriages.

Welding/Cutting Carriages From Gullco International

We offer a wide range of welding/cutting carriages to suit different customer needs. Our product selection includes:

KAT® 300 Welding and Cutting Automation Carriage

These carriages are the most durable, dynamic, and versatile machines available in the industry. While they are robust and feature-rich, they have been engineered to be smaller and lighter than previous models. Key features include tool-less setup, adjustment, and operation, self-aligning wheels, dynamic dovetail racking, quick clutch mechanism, sealed construction, and torch holder memory.

KAT® 200 Welding and Cutting Automation Carriage

These rugged and reliable carriages can be utilized to automate a single or multiple arc welding or cutting operation(s) to improve quality or efficiency.

KAT® 100 Mechanized Welding and Cutting Carriage

These entry-level carriages are built with quality and productivity in mind. They feature simple setup requirements, basic controls, and quick integration.

KAT® Weld Oscillation Automation Carriage

These carriages are built for automatic mechanized welding operations. They increase productivity and improve quality by minimizing weld defects (e.g., poor penetration, incomplete fusion, and overlap/undercut). The welding gun can move in linear, pendulum, tangential, or step (square) patterns. Additionally, its motorized stroke width, stroke speed, position dwell time, and positioning can be adjusted to suit different operational specifications.

KAT® Auto-Welding Automation Carriage

These carriages can be used for a variety of automated welding cycles, all of which can be performed along any plane. They are best suited for stitch welding and seam welding applications that require high accuracy and repeatability.

KAT® Weld Indexing Automation Carriage

These carriages can be used to automate single or multi-head overlay/cladding welding operations, hard surfacing operations, and more. They are designed such that when the device reaches a limit switch, it stops, and the other motorized device starts to index the gun/torch as preconfigured.

KAT® Arcair Weld Gouging Automation Carriage

These carriages are suitable for metal fabrication operations that require both welding and gouging. They can accommodate nearly any metal, including carbon steel, stainless steel, manganese, and chrome-moly steels.


Welding Carriage Accessories and Miscellaneous Products

In addition to carriages, we also offer an extensive selection of accessories and related products.

Our carriage accessories include:

  • Torch holders and positioning
  • Remote control pendants
  • Seam tracking
  • Height sensing and adjustment
  • Track and mounting devices
  • Weld oscillation
  • Remote control slides

What is a Welding/Cutting Carriage?

Welding/cutting carriages are a type of industrial equipment that automate welding and cutting operations. Implementing a carriage for welding or cutting applications is step toward automating these processes – which improves uniformity and quality of the welds or cuts. They can be used across numerous industries including oil & gas, shipbuilding, infrastructure, tank welding, and many more.

Across all of these different industries, the best application of a welding carriage comes down to the same key principle: to provide a constant open weld arc while traveling a straight line or large diameters. If this were to be done manually it would typically require the welder to stop due to the need for repositioning. This can lead to inconsistencies and other small issues that come with constantly need to start and stop the weld. When performed by a welding carriage though the operation is done opening the welding arc a single time.

Are Welding Carriages Right for Me?

Despite the extensive list of welding carriage applications and the industries that use them, we continue to learn of new use cases. Given your application’s specific details and needs, this answer can vary, but you can reach out to our team for additional insights. Check out our guide to automated welding to learn about some of the basic criteria that should be taken into consideration.

Experience the Gullco Difference Today

Looking for a welding automation solution for your facility? The experts at Gullco have got you covered. We’ve served the welding industry for over 65 years. This extensive experience enables us to manufacture welding automation equipment for a wide range of metal fabrication requirements and restrictions. Whether you need travel carriages or gouging machines, we have what you need to optimize your welding and cutting operations. To discuss your equipment needs with one of our team members, request a quote today.