Bevelling Machines With Automatic Feeding

Art. 910

Description :

  • Frame in steel and aluminum casting.
  • Hardened work table with sliding rollers.
  • Motorized feeding with four polyurethane wheels (90 shore).
  • X, Z and A angle axis adjustment.
  • Trolley complete with height adjustment devices, chip protection, chip box, and swivel wheels with brake.
  • Possibility to work with the trolley lifted in the presence of irregular floor. Possibility to work also without trolley.

Performances :

ART. 910
Motor power Trifase 230/400 Volt, 4kw, 50/60 Hz, 4 poli
Width bevelling (X axis) 53 mm
Depth bevelling (Z axis) 15 mm
Chamfering angle From 90° to 75°
Plate thickness From 8 mm to 100 mm
Cutter Ø 63 mm Z 7
Cutter speed 900 RPM
Chamfering speed from 0 to 1 mt/min
Working height 930 mm ÷ 1120 mm
Working direction
Dimensions 760 x 750 x h 2100 mm


Steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium, alloy titanium, hardox, super duplex and so on
Weight Kg. 390
Packing dimension mm 2150x1150x1100 h - Kg. 455

(*) Different voltage available on request.

Cutter :

Art. 844
Diameter Ø63 mm
H=40 mm
Ø=22 mm
Insert ISO SDHT09
Material WIDIA
Insert code 865/R
Option For light alloy

Bevelling Performances :

Special Versions :

- Plate thickness 8/220 mm